Fathers Day Collection (June 16th)

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Texas City Map Candle Collection

Use the magnifying glass to search products by city name, or sort our city map candle collection of 60+ Texas city candles alphabetically.

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Texas Cups, Mugs, Bottles & Glasses

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Texas Blankets & Bags

Texas is full of fun for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're headed out... 

Texas Candles

Our Texas candles feature an assortment of more than a dozen designs... 


Since 2019, the ExpertTexan blog has connected people with the best in Texas, including coffee shops, boutiques, and family-friendly destinations. Now, we've launched our online Texas store with locally designed products from right here in Waco - the heart of Texas.

Whether you are searching for Texas Candles, Texas blankets, Texas T-shirts, or other Texas-themed products - we have you covered! Thank you for trusting us with your business!

Texas Space Collection

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Texas Outdoors